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      Qingdao OER graphite Co., LTD is located in hometown of graphite LaiXiShi, It is a comprehensive Private Joint-stock corporation with graphite new-and-high-technolgy products and focusing on high quality natural flake graphite 、artificial graphite and integrated with technology‚ industry and trading business. To science and technology,OER tries to improve quality and efficiency. Facing   increasingly fierce competition in the market,it actively explores the market based on the strong technology basis and products are not only sold throughout the country but also exported to Japan, Korea and Europe and other countries.Since the products into the market, its excellent quality and integrity at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation on the market.
     Qingdao OER graphite Co., LTD has graphite, colloidal graphite, expanded graphite, earthy graphite, flexble graphite、artificial graphite and high purity artificial graphite mould products and so on, altogether more than thirty varieties of seven series products and more than three hundred specifications, It is the main graphite product processing and exporting base of scientific research.



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